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Form is my eternal search, coming from an inner drive. Sometimes a thought, an idea starts the process of creation and then, while sculpting, an intuitive energy takes over. It is finally the fire that completes my work. During the process - the feminine, the abstract, graphic and symbolic images play around in my mind. I express these ideas through clay, working with forms while being conscious of my intuition, movement and spontaneity. Trying to learn and to work with nature has a profound influence on my work. I tend to see the positive side of things, even when darker thoughts tend to overwhelm me. And this is reflected in my works.

The experience of losing my studio to tusnami in 2004 taught me about letting go and working with nature. This closeness to nature also led to a study on ikebana, I have incorporated this study in my ceramics, creating pieces in which both forms of art are complimentary.

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